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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:34 pm    Post subject: The Rape Of Richard Beck Download Torrent

The Rape Of Richard Beck Download Torrent

Richard Beck is a veteran Seattle cop with little sympathy for victims of sexual assault. Beck's world is turned upside down, however, when his loose-cannon tactics get him reassigned to the city's sex crimes department and result in his own rape at the hands of two surly thugs. After, with the help of rape counselor Barbara McKee, the formerly chauvinistic cop experiences a drastic change of heart on the issue, feeling compassion for the first time.
Cop Beck thinks rape victims "bring it upon themselves" to be raped but has a mind-changing experience when he himself is raped by a couple of white trash felons, one of whom actually says he's going to make him "squeal like pig".
A tv movie with Richard Crenna,playing a hard nosed cop who,supposedly,gets raped by two men and goes through all the drama of the after effects of the rape.

Feminist wet dream of putting a tough masculine straight man in the position of a woman when handling the emotional and psycological problems brought upon them by a rape.

You know a man can go through the same thing a woman can go through when they are met by any kind of violent crime,being shot,getting carjacked,being robbed at gun point,getting mugged,it is always hard on the victim no matter who it is.

The Rape Of Richard Beck wants people to see men get their just deserts by having a man get raped and having this man seen as a representation of the rough masculine type who would be seen as the last person expected to suffer through a crime like this.

Rape is seen as the female victim's violent crime and for a man to suffer through rape's humilation is the type of show liberal feminist Hollywood want to see in and want to present to the general public at large.

Rape is hard on its'victims.Including the relatives and family members and friends of the victims,most of whom are men.The Rape Of Richard Beck is a typical example of pure tainted Hollywood liberal rot sending a terrible message to a gullible public.
This movie truly is remarkable. I know the title might sound a little off-putting to some but if you stick with it you're in for a real cinematic pleasure.

It tells the story of Richard Beck, a no nonsense police officer in America. Throughout the early stages of the film, we see him reacting to various sexual assaults in a light manner. He doesn't think it's possible that someone could actually feel stress, humiliation or even shame at being anally sexually abused. However, eventually some young hoods take his anal-virginity leading to Richard Beck feeling at constant unease around other men.

It's such an eye opener that Beck really was raped that made him an enlightened human being. Thank god this man was raped, for otherwise he would be stuck in his old ways and we can now all sleep easy knowing that he knows that rape is wrong.


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